European Exhibition & Exchange (EEE) 2017

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EEE 2017, Leiden

  • EEE - Informatie over EEE 2017
  • Sprekers - Overzicht sprekers EEE 2017 (Engels)
  • Menu Diner - Aziatisch buffet op zaterdagavond 12 aug.

This year the next European meeting of carnivorous plant enthusiasts, the EEE, that will be hosted by Carnivora.

Location: Hortus botanicus Leiden, The Netherlands.

Date: 11/12/13 August 2017

Yes, we are having a three-day event to celebrate our 30th birthday.

A show display with plants and information will be maintained from the 11th until the 20th of August/ The information will be aimed at the general public to promote our beloved plants. Each day of the show there will be a guided tour for the general public.

General theme: As always, we strive for an exhibition and set of lectures that will appeal to all, and in case of the exhibition should cover most CP species for the purpose of educating the general public. However, we will have a special theme this exhibition. As the botanical garden of Leiden is celebrating their 200 years of relations with BG Bogor in Indonesia (for some its original name "Buitenzorg" made sound familiar too) both lectures and displays will pay special attention to Asia and Indonesia in particular. The EEE program itself will follow the usual set up of having a sales area and a display area open to all visitors, while registered participants can attend the 10 lectures we will organize. Also, registered participants can choose to attend the optional EEE dinner on the Saturday of the EEE. We are investigating options for an Indonesian meal in the exhibition area to stay with the theme.

Registration: Information to follow

  • Simon Poppinga - These plants suck –Biomechanics, functional morphology and diversity of bladderwort (Utricularia spp.) traps
  • Laurent Taerwe - Conservation of Nepenthes in situ
  • Christiaan Dietz - Carnivorous Plants in the Western Cape, South Africa
  • Damien Jouen - Drosera petiolaris complex
  • Michael and Caroline Schöner - echolocation by bats on Nepenthes

The entire list can be found on this page

Sales: Sales will take place in the "Orangerie" (as usual). Sellers will be provided with tables that will be made available at costs to the society. Sellers will be given space based on available space and offered assortment. All sellers will be required to sign a statement that the offered plants are cultivated individuals of legal origin and free of diseases. Carnivora reserves the right to decline request for sales space without further motivation.

Carnivora will sell commercial assortment to the general public after the EEE, but not during the EEE. During the three EEE days only plants offered by members (should they choose to do so) will be sold by Carnivora.